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Chinese Language Syllabus

A Level Chinese Syllabus 2022 cover page

This syllabus document,  presents a two-year programme of study for the Chinese Language as one of the principal subjects in the Upper Secondary school curriculum which will enhance the teaching and learning of the Chinese language. 

The exploitation of the available global opportunities requires learners to acquire knowledge and communication skills in foreign languages.

Lower Secondary Curriculum Performing Arts

This circular is to inform you that 2024-2026 performing Arts set songs and drama pieces for the new Lower Secondary Curriculum have been forwarded to you as an attachment. Instrumental pieces & Dances not set as candidates will choose these items from any genres, styles & cultures in the world as guided in the new Lower Secondary Curriculum.

Circular on Lower secondary & Abridged Curriculum

The Ministry of Education and Sports through the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) rolled out a Competency Based Curriculum in 2020, which is in its third year of implementation. On the other hand, the Abridged curriculum was implemented in 2022, P2-P7 and S2, S3, S4 and S6.


The ever-changing education environment and the labour market demands of the 21st century arising from ICT revolution, emerging of pandemics, climate change, gender and innovations among others, have caused inefficiencies in the curriculum process. This calls for educationists to rethink how the curriculum should be designed and implemented to ensure the acquisition of the desired knowledge, skills, values and attitudes for social economic transformation. However, there is lack of a coherent framework on curriculum design, development, implementation and assessment resulting from changes within and out of the education environment. This is important for educationists across the globe to advance strategies for holistic learning to ensure the achievement of the desired competencies.

The Curriculum Tree

The Curriculum Tree

Welcome our dear esteemed readers to the second issue of the Curriculum Tree Magazine by National Curriculum Development Centre. We are delighted and hope that you will find time to read each of the articles in this Issue.NCDC as a corporate autonomous statutory body/agency under the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) is responsible for the development of educational curricula for Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, and some Tertiary (Business, Technical and Vocational) Education in Uganda.

Download the curriculum tree HERE

Online Learning Materials for the Deaf

Online Learning Materials for the Deaf

NCDC in partnership with Kentalis International developed online learning materials for the Deaf Learners under the “Online Learning Materials Project”.The purpose of this ongoing project is to support NCDC in an effort to implement the competency-based curriculum for primary and secondary education that explicitly includes an integrated SNE approach, and in particular a deaf education approach. Local Partners: Kyambogo University, Uganda Martyr's University

Project Objectives: Provide lessons on a Learning Management System (Moodle) for teachers of deaf learners in primary and secondary schools. Train a limited group of subject teachers from primary and secondary schools to develop those online teaching lessons for the deaf learners. Provide digitalized learning tools to teachers. These teaching aids/lessons are digitally stored on Moodle. Design materials in a way that they can be used for pre-teaching and remedial teaching by the students as well as their teachers.

Curricullum Tree


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