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Evaluation Procedure for Materials Produced by the Public

In order to efficiently and effectively regulate the quality of the materials produced by the public for use in the implementation of the national curricula, NCDC has in place an evaluation procedure. This procedure specifically seeks to ensure that the materials produced by the general public are suitable for use in schools and institutions. The materials which are submitted for this exercise include textbooks such as supplementary course books, readers in any of the languages taught in schools, reference materials, instructional guides, workbooks, inspirational materials, non-text materials and digital content, among others.

The Evaluation Procedure The procedure of evaluation of the materials submitted to NCDC is as follows:

 i. The applicant makes a request to the office of the Director NCDC for evaluation with 2 copies of the material. 

ii. On receipt of the application, the Director forwards the material to the Quality Assurance and Publishing (QA&P) Department for consideration.

iii. The QA&P department submits the cost of evaluation to the office of the Director (invoice) with the letter to the applicant informing him/her about the expected cost and requesting them to deposit the funds on the NCDC account.

iv. On receipt of proof of payment, the QA&P department puts in place an evaluation team which uses the NCDC evaluation guidelines to carry out the exercise and write a report. 

v. The evaluation report is shared with the author.

 vi. A revised edition of the material is re-submitted to NCDC with a report on the changes made by the author. vii. Once the evaluators have verified the corrections made in the second edition, a certificate of approval is issued to the author and the title of the material is recorded in the NCDC ‘Orange Book’, which is a list of the approved publications.

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