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NCDC celebrates DEAR Day with students

By 10:45am on 15th March, 2024, students of St Mary’s Junior-Seeta had gathered in their preferred spaces around the school, each armed with a book, magazine or newspaper.

At 11:00am, there was a mix of silence and murmurs as the students took time to read, joining the rest of the world to join the international DEAR Day.

DEAR is an acronym for ‘Drop Everything and Read.’ The Ministry of Education and Sports designated 15th March of every year as the national DEAR day celebration for all primary schools in Uganda. On this day, at exactly 11.00am everyone drops everything to read.

A visiting team from the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) joined the learners at St Mary’s Junior School for the DEAR Day reading sessions.

During the colourful, the NCDC team shared reading tips and challenged the learners in a series of quizzes based on selected texts.

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