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NCDC unveils teaching telescope

NCDC has unveiled a BRESSER-NANO-AR-70-700-AZ-Telescope donated by Dr. Jean-Pierre Grooteard from the University of Gent, through the coordination of Pan-African Citizens Science-eLabs.

The telescope was unveiled at a ceremony held at NCDC head offices in Kyambogo. University lecturers, SESEMAT Master Trainers, Primary Teacher Educators and private individuals, attended the event.

According to Cale Santus, the Coordinator of the project, the telescope is meant to promote the teaching and learning of astronomy, a new content in the physics (science) curriculum in Uganda’s education system.

For effective use, NCDC will work with the SESSEMAT and NCDC panel structures to support teachers in promoting astronomy education.

Santus called appealed to stakeholders to support Astronomy Education through provision of instructional resources, development of text resources, training of teachers and supporting co-curricular activities related to the subject.

Prof. Edward Jurua called for collaboration and networking among individuals and institutions interested in promoting astronomy education in Uganda.

He noted that there enormous opportunities in astronomy education and astrophysics, and praised the government of Uganda taking steps to explore space science.

In Uganda, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Muni University, Gulu University and Busitema University are among institutions with courses in space science.

The Deputy Director NCDC, Dr. Richard Irumba, who represented the Director NCDC, Dr. Grace Baguma, pledged that the Centre would support efforts to grow the pool of educators in the field of Astronomy Education.

He appealed to partners to venture into this relatively new area of space physics in Uganda’s school curriculum.

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