The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) holds a refresher training for Centre Coordinating Tutors (CCTs) in preparation for Kiswahili teaching at Primary School level. 300 tutors are being trained for 5-days at Bishop Willis Core Primary Teachers College in Iganga town. NCDC developed Kiswahili Curriculum, piloted and reviewed it to prepare for its roll out in primary schools across the country, come 2023. July of 2022, cabinet approved compulsory teaching of Kiswahili language in primary and secondary schools as the constitution stipulates that Swahili shall be the second official language in Uganda. It is among the world’s 10 most spoken languages and widely used native language in Africa. Uganda has competent teachers who can support in rolling out of the language in Primary schools throughout the country.” Dr Arinaitwe Perpetua, Senior Curriculum Specialist for Kiswahili. Dr. Grace Baguma, Director NCDC encourages learning of the language as long as you can become proficient in it with the attitude and interest in learning.