Integration of Sexuality Education in the Lower Secondary Curriculum

The project is funded by UNFPA and intends to mainstream Sexuality Education in the Lower Secondary Curriculum. Issues integrated include: body changes during adolescence, Sexual maturation, agreeable behaviour, drug and substance abuse, relationships, refusal skills to unwanted sexual advances, facts about HIV and STIs, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy and how to deal with it.

Learners will benefit from the project by:

  1. accessing the right information about sexuality related matters in a formal system.
  2. being able to make the right decisions about their sexuality.
  3. understanding the need to guard their health and themselves against HIV, other STIs and teenage pregnancy.
  4. meeting challenges, managing change and building relationships.
  5. developing self-worth and respect for others.
  6. knowing more about the adolescent body.
  7. developing skills to say no to unwanted sexual advances.
  8. appreciating the value of the value of abstinence as teenagers.

Accomplished Activities

  1. Development of the Life Education Syllabus integrated with Sexuality Education
  2. Development of exemplar materials to support the teaching of Sexuality Education
  3. Orientation of teachers who were to trial test the exemplars
  4. Piloting of the exemplar materials

On-going Activities

  1. Improving the exemplar materials
  2. Enrichment of the Life Education Teacher Initial Exposure Manual (TIE) to address Sexuality Education issues  in detail