Online Learning Materials for the Deaf

NCDC in partnership with Kentalis International developed online learning materials for the Deaf Learners under the “Online Learning Materials Project”.The purpose of this ongoing project is to support NCDC in an effort to implement the competency-based curriculum for primary and secondary education that explicitly includes an integrated SNE approach, and in particular a deaf education approach. Local Partners: Kyambogo University, Uganda Martyr's University

Project Objectives: Provide lessons on a Learning Management System (Moodle) for teachers of deaf learners in primary and secondary schools. Train a limited group of subject teachers from primary and secondary schools to develop those online teaching lessons for the deaf learners. Provide digitalized learning tools to teachers. These teaching aids/lessons are digitally stored on Moodle. Design materials in a way that they can be used for pre-teaching and remedial teaching by the students as well as their teachers.

Curricullum Tree