The Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) through the National Curriculum Development Centre
(NCDC) revised and rolled out a New Competency-based Curriculum to learners of Senior one in
January 2020.

New Curriculum rollout highlights

  • The new Lower Secondary Curriculum (LSC) was rolled out in a phased-out approach starting in February 2020 with S.1.
  • The curriculum was to be rolled out to S.2 in 2021 and subsequently to the next levels of the lower secondary in the preceding years.
  • However, the outbreak of Covid 19 and the subsequent closure of schools delayed the progress of implementation.
  • In 2022, the pioneers of the New curriculum are in S.2 instead of S.3. 
  • Before the rollout, 90 National Facilitators, 1600 Master Trainers and 20,000) teachers of S.1 were trained.
  • Teacher training took place in 27 SESEMAT Regional Training Centres across the country.
  • An average of 4-5 Teachers from each school, both Government aided and Private was trained.
  • A total of 6020 schools (both Gov’t & Private) received syllabi books distributed by NCDC between October to December 2019.
  • 1500 government schools received S.1 Learner’s prototype books, Teacher’s guides and Training Manuals. Softcopies are available at
  • The secondary department participated in the training of textbook evaluators at Nabinonya beach organised by the Instructional Materials Unit (IMU) of the Ministry of Education and Sports.
  • A total of 350 Master Trainers were trained and subjected to a test for screening to leave only 250 for the textbook evaluation. The exercise took place in November 2020.
  • The textbook evaluation took place from November to December 2020 at Nyondo Core Primary Teachers College in Mbale. 
  • Textbook publishers were trained in 2020.
  • NCDC engaged the Members of Parliament on the Committee for Education and Social Services.
  • Earlier, NCDC had met NRM members of parliament at Kyankwanzi during their retreat.
  • NCDC also engaged Cabinet to sensitize them on the New Curriculum the result of which was the Cabinet pronouncing itself in support of rolling out the NLSC.
  • NCDC has engaged with a number of public and private Universities to sensitise lecturers and students on the NLSC.
  • The curriculum Framework was developed, printed and distributed to schools. It is composed of the Key Learning Outcomes, the Values, the Generic Skills, Cross-cutting issues and the Curriculum Menu.
  • Implementation guidelines were developed to guide stakeholders on the implementation of the New Lower Secondary Curriculum.

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