Procurement and Disposal Unit

Livingston Rugasira
Head, Procurement & Disposal Unit

The curriculum development and management process requires inputs (Consultancy services/Supplies/Works), which have to be procured.   Besides, the acquired supplies, assets wear and tear and hence become obsolete, calling for their disposal. The Procurement and Disposal Unit (PDU) of NCDC is mandated with this task. This function requires inter-play of various internal and external stakeholders.

The mandate of   PDU is to offer effective and efficient Procurement and Disposal services that aid development of curricula and instructional materials for equitable and quality education as guided by NCDC's regulatory framework.

PDU is a service unit that acts on the requests of other units and departments. The main activities of the Unit include; Procuring Consultancy services, Procuring Non-consultancy services, Procuring Supplies, Procuring Works and disposing obsolete assets