Strategic Plan

Theme: Working together for competence based curricula. 


Broad Objectives             

a) To ensure delivery of relevant and quality education and training.             

b) To improve quality and relevance of skills development.     

Strategic Objectives 

To develop and review curricula and instructional materials focussing on inclusiveness, competencies and life skills with emphasis on science, at Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary levels and BTVET levels. To strengthen teaching and learning through in service teacher support programmes towards acquisition of new knowledge and skills. To integrate ICT in all curriculum processes and products.

To improve guidance on assessment at Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary levels and BTVET levels. To provide relevant and up-to-date information for curriculum development. To enhance the institutional capacity of NCDC, for effective and efficient delivery of her mandate. Key Priority Areas for the Strategic plan  Curriculum improvement. Strengthen Curriculum interpretation and implementation support. Aiding students to learn better using ICT. Improve guidance on assessment. Research & knowledge management. Organisational and Institutional development including Strengthening STEPU. 

Download NCDC Strategic Plan 2015/16 -2019/20 here