Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) is one of the subjects on the Lower Secondary Curriculum Menu. PE is the field of learning which aims at the development of knowledge, understanding, positive social behaviour and attitudes through the following structured learning components: practical physical activities, body exercises and sport skills. It also involves the extended application of the above learning components to the development of physical fitness; health life style and social interaction within safe and structured play environments. PE curriculum builds on the PE done at primary level, a component of Creative Arts and Physical Education (CAPE 2).

PE is concerned with the development of individual stamina for active healthy living and the development of social skills, group participation, identity and belonging to a competitive, social or recreational playgroup.

As a subject, it is designed to equip learners with skills and knowledge about their body and how to keep fit and healthy in and out of school.

Physical Education is not assessed using pen and paper at the end of cycle like the rest of the subjects but learners are engaged in practical activities and assessed to enable mastery of skills for lifelong wellbeing.