Kiswahili is Uganda’s 2nd official language, therefore, teaching/learning Kiswahili in Uganda is an effort to implement a government

policy on language.

Kiswahili Curriculum for primary schools is organised in a way that concepts taught in lower classes recur in other classes at a different ability level.  The implication here is that, the development of Kiswahili language skills has to be done sequentially in a spiral nature.  This cyclic and progressive way of curriculum organisation calls for continuous assessment mode. 

In January 2011, NCDC selected (130) primary school teachers all over the country and has been retooling them with a purpose of piloting Kiswahili curriculum materials.

Since then, teachers from the pilot schools have been oriented, and  are piloting Kiswahili curriculum materials termly in P4, P5, P6 and P7 and the approach has been proved successful.