Integrated Science

Integrated Science is very crucial for the positive transformation of the country and the whole world. Scientific literacy involves

understanding processes, knowing the nature of scientific knowledge, and the ability to apply scientific knowledge and skills. Integrated Science empowers learners with scientific knowledge, skills and attitudes to formulate hypotheses, investigate, observe, make deductions, and understand the physical world in a rational scientific way. It also enables learners to lead a healthy life, and learn to manipulate and relate the natural environment so as to appropriately and sustainably use matter, energy, and processes in living and non-living things. Integrated Science is based on the following themes:

  1. The World of Living Things
  2. Matter and Energy
  3. Human Body
  4. Human Health
  5. Science in Human Activities and Occupation
  6. Environment
  7. Managing Changes in the Environment
  8. Community Population and Family Life