Fine Art

The Fine Art curriculum at Ordinary Level builds on the Art and Technology Syllabus, a component of Creative Arts and Physical Education (CAPE 3) curriculum in Primary level education.  As a subject in the Senior Secondary Curriculum, Fine Art is designed to further develop students’ aesthetic and artistic potential, and their values and attitudes, thus empowering them to be better prepared for their own future and for contributing to the development of the country.

This subject uses a practical approach, with emphasis on learning through doing. It allows learners to improve their performance skills, by creating their own work through the appreciation of their immediate environment and nature.

Fine Art is one of the subjects that foster learning about our cultures, customs and lifestyles. Learners will be aware of our nation’s history and heritage; through artworks learners preserve the rich historical cultures and extend them to another century. Teaching of Fine Art develops skills of manipulating the materials creatively, teamwork, promotes all-round individual development through creativity, imagination, and developing in the learners critical responses to art.    

Fine Art for all classes is structured in units with differing level of complexity. The units are:

  • Drawing or Painting from Nature and Still Life
  • The Study of a Living Person and Imaginative Composition in Colour
  • Craft A Graphic Design
  • Crafts B Design
  • Historical and Art Appreciation