Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship Education has continued to gain popularity in many secondary schools throughout the country since its introduction in 2000 with the support of United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA).

The Teaching Syllabus for O level (Senior 1 - 4) was introduced as one of the measures to reduce the unemployment problem in the country by transforming the education system from producing job seekers to producing job makers.

The economic growth of a country mainly depends on her level of entrepreneurship skills. Entrepreneurship Education is, therefore, a skilled based subject and serves to equip learners with the required skills for successful engagement in income generating activities. This acquired capacity will address the problem of unemployment and poverty by utilising the available resources and opportunities.

It also serves to produce for stakeholders in education potential enterprise skilled managers and for further training.

Entrepreneurship Education in secondary schools aims at contributing to the poverty eradication actions by equipping secondary school leavers with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills e.g. creativity, innovation, risk taking and ability to turn available opportunities into successful businesses.



Senior One

  1. Entrepreneurial Qualities and Culture
  2. Dignity of Work, Beliefs and Values about Business
  3. Career opportunities in Uganda
  4. Relationship between Business Society and Natural Environment
  5. Success in Business
  6. Income and its Uses
  7. Businesses in Uganda
  8. Exploring the Environment for Business Opportunities

Senior Two

  1. Business Start up Process
  2. Goals in Business
  3. Capital Markets in Uganda
  4. Managing a Small Business Enterprise
  5. Marketing in a Small Business
  6. Production Management
  7. Personnel Management and Administrative Expenses in a Small Business Enterprise
  8. Financial Planning in a Business

Senior Three

  1. Listing on the Uganda Stock Exchange
  2. Buying and Selling of Shares
  3. Business Plan Preparation
  4. Financial Institutions in Uganda
  5. Book Keeping and Accounting

Senior Four

  1. Raising Long Term Business Finance through Capital Markets
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Insurance in Business
  4. Business Laws and Taxes in Uganda
  5. Business Communication Skills
  6. Business Ethics