Computer Studies

The subject of Computer Studies introduces the learner to the use of computers and other ICTs in their daily work. Students learn about the history of different innovations in the ICT world and how the current systems evolved over the years.  The syllabus promotes acquisition of computer skills such as programing, networking, information manipulation in addition to knowledge and attitudes needed for development in the 21st Century. The syllabus enables the learner to use computer systems to create, store, share and analyse information.

The subject lays a foundation for acquisition of knowledge and understanding in computer literacy and use of ICTs for enhanced productivity and development. It creates awareness in regard to the developments and emerging issues in the area of computing, and how they can be used productively in different situations.

The syllabus aims at:

  • laying a foundation for a learner to acquire knowledge and skills in the use of information and communication technology for enhanced productivity and development. 
  • promoting creative skills for problem solving.
  • promoting critical and analytical thinking skills for proactive solutions.
  • creating awareness in a learner in regard to the developments and emerging issues concerning computing and society.
  • fostering a learner as a computer literate and capable citizen who can develop, communicate and implement innovative, practical and responsible ICT solutions to problems.