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Available from our Marketing Office

The following syllabuses are available in print at our office:

Nursery Level

  • Learning Framework for Early Childhood Development
  • Caregiver's Guide for Early Childhood Development

Primary Level

Lower Primary (P1-P3)

  1. Primary 1 Curriculum
  2. Primary 1 Teacher’s Guide
  3. Primary 1 Teacher’s Resource Book
  4. Primary 2 Curriculum
  5. Primary 2 Teacher’s Guide
  6. Primary 2 Teacher’s Resource Book
  7. Primary 3 Curriculum
  8. Primary 3 Teachers Guide
  9. Primary 3 Teacher’s Resource Book

Transitional stage (P4)

  1. Primary 4 English
  2. Primary 4 Mathematics
  3. Primary 4 Science
  4. Primary 4 Social Studies
  5. Primary 4 CRE
  6. Primary 4 IRE
  7. Primary 4 Local Language
  8. Primary 4 CAPE One
  9. Primary 4 CAPE Two
  10. Primary 4 CAPE Three

Upper Primary (P5-P7)

  1. Primary 5 Set One: English, Math, SST, Science, Local Language, CRE & IRE
  2. Primary 5 Set Two: Creative Arts & Physical Education
  3. Primary 6 Set One: English, Math, SST, Science, Local Language, CRE & IRE
  4. Primary 6 Set Two: Creative Arts & Physical Education
  5. Primary 7 Set One: English, Math, SST, Science, Local Language, CRE & IRE
  6. Primary 7 Set Two: Creative Arts & Physical Education

 Secondary Level

O-Level syllabi

 Integrated English, Mathematics, Kiswahili, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Cre Christian Living Today, Islamic Religious Education, Cre- St. Luke's Gospel, Agriculture, Commerce, Computer, Fine Art, Biology, Luganda, French/German/Latin/Arabic, Entrepreneurship, Food And Nutrition, Home Economics, Clothing And Textiles, Metal Work, Music, Principles Of Accounts, Technical Drawing, Wood Work, Literature, Physical Education

The following books are available

  1. Senior One: O-Level Entrepreneurship Student Book 1
  2. Senior Two: O-Level Entrepreneurship Student Book 2
  3. Senior Three: O-Level Entrepreneurship Student Book 3
  4. Senior Four: O-level Entrepreneurship Student Book 4

A-Level syllabi

Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Geography, History, Fine Art, Literature, Local Language, General Paper, CRE, IRE, Submaths / Sub ICT.


  1. A-Level Entrepreneurship Teaching Syllabus
  2. A-Level Entrepreneurship Teacher’s Guide
  3. A-Level Entrepreneurship Learner’s Book 5
  4. A-Level Entrepreneurship Learner’s Book 6
  5. A-Level Kiswahili Teaching Syllabus

Tertial Level

National Certificate 

Agriculture, Automotive mechanics – electronics installation, Building construction, Ceramics, Cosmetology and body therapy,Electrical installation,Electronics technology, Fashion and garment design, Hotel and institutional catering, Leather tanning, Machining and fitting, Painting and decorating, Plumbing, Records management, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Secretarial, Welding and fabrication, Woodwork technology

National Diploma

  1. Accounting
  2. Architecture
  3. Business management
  4. Ceramics
  5. ICT
  6. Marketing
  7. Refrigeration
  8. Water Engineering

Higher National Diploma

  1. Civil engineering
  2. Electrical engineering
  3. Mechanical engineering

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