NCDC Strategic Plan

The strategic objectives of the Centre are but not limited to:

  1. Design and develop appropriate curricula with effective instructional processes that lead to learners’ achievement of literacy, numeracy and life skills in order to improve quality and relevance of education at Pre-Primary and Primary School levels for both girls and boys.
  2. Develop, Support and implement appropriate Curricula innovations and instructional materials targeting the specific needs of all types of disadvantaged groups of children and those that interest girls in the learning [instructional] process.
  3. Design and develop appropriate curricula for improving effectiveness and efficiency of secondary education by reducing the number of subjects at O level to a manageable number through mergers and integration, and to develop learners’ analytical skills for courses at A level.
  4. Develop competence-based and skills-driven curricula for all BTVET and Tertiary instruction focusing on Uganda’s development needs and those of the labour market.