Advanced Level Literature

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Literature in English is one of the subjects that have been at this level for as far as 1959 when high school education was introduced in the education system in Uganda.  The structure of the subject is inherited from the British system where it also happens to be a principal subject in Uganda, Literature in English falls in the category of the Arts subjects.

The subject comprises three genres namely Prose and Poetry, Plays/Drama and the Novel.  All the three genres are compulsory for the students who offer this subject.

Literature is an elective subject at the Ordinary level and students who have offered it at this level are at a better advantage at the advanced level than those who have not.

The subject involves oral and written works of artistic merit or skilful use of language.  The three genres of prose and poetry; Drama and the Novel are interrelated and complement one another.  Liter comprises materials, activities and is a discipline. Prose and Poetry provide the learners with literary skills such as; comprehension, interpretation, analysis and application, which skills are critical in the analysis of Drama, Novels and life skills.

Why Teach the Subject?

We teach literature in line with the broad aims and objectives of secondary education which are to:

  1. Instill and promote national unity and an understanding of social and civic responsibilities; strong love and care for others and respect for public property, as well as an appreciation of international relations and beneficial international co-operation.
  2. Promote an appreciation and understanding of the cultural heritage of Uganda including its languages;
  3. Impart and promote a sense of self-discipline, ethical and spiritual values and personal collective responsibility and initiative;
  4. Enable individuals to acquire and develop knowledge and an understanding of emerging needs of society and the economy;
  5. Enable individuals to develop personal skills of problem-solving information gathering and interpretation, independent reading and writing, self-improvement through learning and development of social, physical and leadership skills such as obtained through games, sports, societies and clubs;
  6. Lay a foundation for further education and careers.

Aims of Teaching Literature in English at Advanced Level

The aims of this two-year syllabus is to enable the learner to;

  1. develop reading for pleasure which promotes a variety of reading skills, an important requirement for the other subjects through the medium of english.
  2. shape the effective, develop the cognitive and apply the psychomotor skills.
  3. get exposed to a variety of oral and written works of literature from africa and the rest of the world;
  4. appreciate literature in English to enhance their linguistic. aesthetic and creative growth;
  5. develop interdependent personal life skills problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making and researching and managing information systematically;
  6. appreciate differences across the various genres of literature;
  7. effectively comprehend, interpret, analyse, illustrate, evaluate and apply what has been presented in a literary piece of writing; and
  8. prepare the learner for a wider range of opportunities in their career paths.