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General Paper

General Paper is a multi-disciplinary subject which draws its content from all the subjects across the curriculum.  Therefore, the syllabus is vast and has no itemized resource list of its own.  The subject helps the learner to explore and appraise social, cultural, economic, philosophical, scientific and technological issues. 

Advanced Level Literature

Literature in English is one of the subjects that have been at this level for as far as 1959 when high school education was introduced in the education system in Uganda.  The structure of the subject is inherited from the British system where it also happens to be a principal subject in Uganda, Literature in English falls in the category of the Arts subjects.

The subject comprises three genres namely Prose and Poetry, Plays/Drama and the Novel.  All the three genres are compulsory for the students who offer this subject.

Literature Set Books 2015-2020

O level Literature set books have been changed with effect from 2015 with the new S.3 Students.

New books for teaching Literature in English (2015 – 2020)

Section A


Betrayal in the City                                   by        Francis Imbuga


The Merchant of Venice                            by        William Shakespeare


Carcase for Hounds                                  by        Meja Mwangi

SNE Unit

The Unit was created to cater for the special needs in education right from the time of curriculum development. It also caters for matters of inclusion which range from how to handle children with varying disabilities as well as those that are either too fast leaving their classmates behind or time-takers that might need special care during learning. 

O Level Curriculum

Ordinary level is one of the the formal education options for learners who have completed primary education.

Learners join Senior One having successfully passed the Primary Leaving Examinations and embark on a 4-year cycle covering the Lower Secondary or O level (Senior 1 - Senior 4).

Subjects Taught at O level and their Status across the Country


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