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Social Studies

Social Studies is designed to equip learners with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes which are required to prepare them for

a living in a physical, social, political, economic  and religious environment as knowledgeable and participating citizens in society.

Syllabus Layout

Mother Tongue / Local Language

The 1995 Constitution of Uganda designates our nation a multilingual society where 65 indigenous languages are spoken.

Until recently when Kiswahili was declared the second official language, English has been the only official language of Uganda.  For this reason, English is taught at all levels of education to enable learners develop communication skills while at the same time being able to access information written in English.


Kiswahili is Uganda’s 2nd official language, therefore, teaching/learning Kiswahili in Uganda is an effort to implement a government

policy on language.

NCDC Strategic Plan

The strategic objectives of the Centre are but not limited to:

Strategic Direction
Vision statement: A holistic Curriculum for producing responsible Citizens equipped with productive skills
Mission: To develop curricula and instructional materials for equitable and quality education through research, innovation and stakeholder involvement.
Core Values: Teamwork, Integrity, Equity and Excellence (TIEE)
Theme: Working together for competence based curricula.