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O Level Curriculum

Ordinary level is one of the the formal education options for learners who have completed primary education.

Learners join Senior One having successfully passed the Primary Leaving Examinations and embark on a 4-year cycle covering the Lower Secondary or O level (Senior 1 - Senior 4).

Subjects Taught at O level and their Status across the Country


Subject Name

Upper Primary Curriclum

The Upper Primary Curriculum (P5 – P7) is subject-based like the Transitional Curriculum. The subjects remain the same from P4 to P7. The curriculum at Upper Primary (P5-P7) is spiral in design, based on identifiable and transferable skills and competences which are specified for each subject. The focus is to keep the content appropriate to the level. 

Lower Primary / Thematic Curriculum

This is the curriculum used for P1-P3 classes. It is called Thematic Curriculum because its content is arranged around themes that are familiar to the learners. The recommended medium of instruction is Local Language for the learners whose first language is not English. English, however, is taught in English, and as a strand right from Primary One.

Thematic Curriculum is hinged on five pillars namely:

Learning Framework for Early Chilrdhood Years 3 - 6

The Framework is outcomes and competence based.  It focuses on results rather than on goals, aims and objectives.  This guide puts great emphasis on observable and measurable skills, knowledge and values to be acquired by the children in the following areas: 

i)  Personality and emotional relationship

ii) Communication, language and literacy

iii) Problem-solving and mathematical concepts

Early Childhood Development

The Early Childhood Development Policy in the Education Sector approved in 2007 stresses the importance of Early Childhood Education (ECD);

the early stimulation of different parts of the brain to provide social and learning advancement throughout life. Such care does not produce a self-centred child, rather a child, who trusts, is curious, strives to learn new things and is skillful in social interaction.

NCDC has developed the Learning Framework for Early Childhood and a Caregivers Guide to the Learning Framework to help in the enhancement of Early Childhood Education.