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Curriculum Framework

The new Curriculum Framework proposes Eight (8) Learning Areas. The learning associated with each area is part of a broad, general education and lays a foundation for later specialisation.

The proposed curriculum is focusing on Learning Areas as opposed to subjects because learning areas promote a cross-curricula learning and teaching approach. The learners will be able to recognise and apply the relationships between different traditional subjects within the same learning area and across the different learning areas.

Learning Areas

One of the aims of reforming the curriculum was to reduce the load on the teaching and make it skills based to enable graduates of Ordinary Level Education relevant to the learners in the society where they live. The subject menu has been reduced to Eight Learning Areas.


Creative Arts

Lower Secondary Curriculum Reform

The Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) in 2008, took a decision to undertake a thorough reform of the Lower Secondary Education Curriculum. The Lower Secondary Curriculum, 

Assessment and Examination Reform Programme (CURASSE) aims at shifting from an old tried and trusted model of Secondary Education to a broader and more inclusive curriculum that can satisfy needs of different abilities.

Integration of Sexuality Education in the Lower Secondary Curriculum

The project is funded by UNFPA and intends to mainstream Sexuality Education in the Lower Secondary Curriculum. Issues integrated include: body changes during adolescence, Sexual maturation, agreeable behaviour, drug and substance abuse, relationships, refusal skills to unwanted sexual advances, facts about HIV and STIs, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy and how to deal with it.

Learners will benefit from the project by: